Flowerpower Collection

Iris crystalline clarity

In the moment of summer heat, when the spray of water cools down the purple petals of an iris flower, the droplets turn into pearls, decorating it with crystalline clarity and revealing the mystery of their innate essence.

Tiny Orange Beauty

Tiny Beauty Spring Orange Flower hidden in the grass highlighted by the sun as it is just opening to the rays of sunshine at the Oregon Coast

Sleeping tiny purple seed pods

Once there was a beautiful flower, giving pause to everyone who noticed it as they drank in the vibrant colors of the blossoms. As the petals have withered away, a housing is revealed with tiny, round womb-like spaces. In each of them a dark even tinier purple seed pod sleeps, dreaming the mystery of becoming a stunning flower that - in the next season - will be a gift to many who will pause and drink in the subtle fragrance...