For most people the space of their everyday life is occupied with much noise, often chaos and many distractions. Noticing one's surroundings takes time, which the modern landscape of existence is in short supply.

The images I share in the portfolios capture the wondrous, mystical simplicity, healing capacity and beauty of nature through the interplay of light, color and shadow.

Our humanity, heart, essence and spirit long for the never-ending nurturance and healing nature offers. The interconnectedness with the natural world is part of our human genome. Without it our human existence lacks the inspiration and the support to thrive and to give voice to the beauty within. We are reminded that living in harmony is the true way of being.

The Nature Kingdom and its inhabitants -visible and unseen - have very powerful and magical ways of communicating with us....their callings and invitations happen at the most unexpected times... I invite you to take a moment.... to pause.... and gaze.... listen... to your own inner world as well as the surrounding nature...

Browse through my collection of photographs, available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The Fine Arts America website offers my prints, both framed and unframed as well as printed on products, and each photograph on this website has a purchase button to make the process simple and hassle-free.

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